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3 Interior Design Tips To Have An Extensive Garden For Your Terrace House

For those who live in a terrace house in urban areas, home is just one big box of the apartment situated somewhere on Earth. Funny right? But some people who live in a terrace house have limited access to gardens or parks which are fast becoming a luxury.

Most landed properties in Singapore either comes with a small limited garden beside their car pouch, or a small greenery patch at the back of their  landed homes. Over at MOSH Interior, we seek to change this by adding greenery to your home!

Part of the interior design for terrace houses includes creating your own garden. An interior designer can be hired to do that because gardening is not an easy task. Experts who specialize in designing gardens in limited spaces suggest that a person who is interested in such must make preparations because a lot of time will be invested and energy will be needed to maintain any landed property with a garden.

For experienced luxurious interior designers like us, we will design a wonderfully crafted green garden for you at your own (be it indoor or outdoor). MOSH Interior shares practical and visually appealing tips for you to have an extensive garden at your terrace house.

Steps of crafting beautiful extensive garden
  • The Startup Plan

    If your balcony is large or if you are living in a bungalow or semi-detached house, you can use as many different types plants as you wish, and be as creative as you want in terms of the spaces allocated for your garden. Make sure also to include spaces to accommodate a couple of chairs (for you and your partner to rest and admire the greenery) and also to have sufficient gaps in between the pot so that the plants have space to grow.

  • The Plants you Choose

    Don’t start with too many plants at once. Make it a continuous process. You can choose to buy tropical ornaments plants or use a combination of vegetables and herbs.
    Anthuriums and spathiphyllum do better in the tropics. Plants like dieffenbachia, focus, palm, and philodendrons can survive in the shade. The sunlight works better for Herbs and greens while spinach, mint, and coriander grow easily in terrace house gardens. We advise that you grow the right type of plants that you can handle and take care for.

  • The Basics & the Design

    Either you or your interior designer should spend time in your terrace to know how much sunlight comes in and in that way, you can determine whether to use shade-loving or sun-loving plants.

    Properly segment your greenery and plants accordingly to their types. This makes on-going arrangement to take care of your garden all the more easier. All you need to do is arrange pots with several heights, colors, and girth. If you choose to arrange them on the wall, let the base be for the bigger pots while the larger ones are on the other end.

  • The Pots

    Let your pots and planters vary and brighten up your garden by re-using materials like wooden crates, water cans, and other things that can accommodate plants. Don’t forget the railings and walls. Some flower boxes can be fitted there. Based on our experience in creating gardens and greenery for our landed properties owners, we can advise you on the type of design that you can have to bring nature into your everyday life.

  • The Accessories

    Don’t let size prevent you from using accessories. Use wind chimes, or brass bells or try out a string of fairy lamps across the plants. Add a little water element to lure you into the garden every evening. We’ve done many works incorporating water fixtures and greenery and we will be glad to share some of our portfolio with you.

Make sure that there is space for outdoor furniture so you can always relax in your garden whenever and watch the stars.

You don’t have to worry about building or designing your terrace house garden, just contact experts like us by calling 6246 6614 or email moc.r1721238080oiret1721238080nihso1721238080m@ofn1721238080i1721238080. We trust that the above tips can guide you when you’re deciding on whether to have greenery (garden, hanging greenery, water fixtures)  in your property or not.

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