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3 Must-Do When It Comes To The Renovation Of Your Luxurious Bungalow

Bungalows are a great asset (especially in Singapore!) that you can design to be absolutely inspiring and beautiful with elaborate and luxurious fittings.

Over the years, we’ve seen how beautiful and spectacular a bungalow can be after renovation. Bungalow interior design is one of the most important decision you will ever have to make as it is quite a considerable outlay, and it affects your day to day living. Do note that it doesn’t have to stress you out once you know the important things that you must consider when renovating, which are the things we will be exploring in this post.

Renovation gives you an opportunity to create a unique home that is tailored to your needs. With the help of interior design services, renovating your bungalow shouldn’t cause you any stress at all. MOSH Interior is a Singapore interior design firm, and we are readily available to help you achieve the most unique and luxurious interior design with your bungalow.

Let’s consider the 3 must-do when it comes to renovating your bungalow for a luxurious look. 

#1 Window Renovation

Your house window makes the list of the 3 must-do when it comes to renovating your bungalow for a luxurious feel.  A very good way to give your bungalow a great outlook is a simple and fast window replacement. This renovation idea is cost effective, and it also makes a great technical solution. Replace your old windows with modern and sleek windows in beautiful designs. This can immediately change your home outlook on the outside and on the inside. Replacing your window adds an immediate and instant touch up to your bungalow. MOW Interior can guide you on how to create the best and most suitable decorative window for you. Many home-owners tend to overlook this point because that take the windows for granted. However, as established and experienced landed properties designers, we know that a nicely fitted window can make or break your luxurious outlook.

Luxurious Bungalow_Window

#2 Get wardrobe space while maintaining your original decor

Most bungalows built long ago do not have large wardrobes. They are usually small and shallow. Expanding your wardrobe to be large while maintaining your original decor is one of the renovations you can use to improve your bungalow interior design. Unlike before, good wardrobe storage is a must, which is why you need to bring elegance to your bungalow by providing a modern wardrobe without altering the original design of your bungalow.

Luxurious Bungalow_Wardrobe

Having a spacious wardrobe in your bungalow simply means your space will no longer be clumsy with bags and boxes of clothes. You can have your things stored up in your wardrobe without having them litter your space. A modern wardrobe won’t only help to maintain your space; it will also improve your lifestyle; it will also increase the resale value of your home. One of the most sought-after wardrobe layout is to have a spacious and comforting walk-in wardrobe design. Let us wow you with some of our past work. 🙂

#3 You Should Consider Extension

When renovating a bungalow, extension is one of the things you can achieve easily. You can make your bungalow elaborate by creating an extension. You can decide to have a balcony or roof terrace on your existing structure.

Most bungalows are built to have their kitchen at the back, which does not permit enough lighting effect in the kitchen, you may decide to install your wet kitchen in the backyard where you have enough light. An easy extension is one of the best benefits you get from renovating your bungalow.

We usually tell our clients not to see home renovation as a big deal. The word renovation itself can appear like a difficult task, but we can make it the easiest thing you’ve ever done. We have a lengthy experience in bungalow renovation, and we can work with your idea to achieve the perfect design you want with your bungalow interior design. Our Singapore interior design firm is dedicated to giving you the best bungalow interior design services.

At MOSH Interior, we do not outstretch your budget, yet we help you to create a desirable, comfortable and welcoming home. Contact us today at moc.r1716486043oiret1716486043nihso1716486043m@ofn1716486043i1716486043 or call 6246 6614 to add elegance and prestige to your home

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