Top Landed House Interior Design in Singapore

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A landed home in Singapore often means there is no limit to the creativity of your landed house interior design. You don’t have to be restricted and settle for the ordinary and you have all the freedom to design it the way you want your dream home to be. Here are some of the most beautifully designed home interior design in Singapore you can take inspiration from.


Elements and Styles of Landed House Interior Design

Modern-contemporary landed house interior design incorporates elements and styles from both modern and contemporary form. Their designs are defined by a simple, minimal and elegant look, favouring clean and straightforward lines. The aesthetics feature of modern-contemporary design is minimal; it doesn’t flaunt or try too hard to be extravagant, it simply showcases its sophisticated and timeless elegance. The open floor plan concept creates a feeling of absolute spaciousness while its full-length windows let in plenty of natural light and ventilation, resulting in an airy and comfortable living space. A hallmark of modern-contemporary design is to shy away from the use of grandiose elements, cautious about being flamboyant, preferring the reserved, simple and uncluttered look. The furnishings are usually made up of a mixture of wood and earthlier elements as well as state-of-the-art modern materials with reflective surfaces such as glass and metals. Modern-contemporary design is one of the more popular, preferred choice of most landed interior design Singapore.


Beachside resort landed interior design or style, as the name suggests, captures the entire coastal environment; the relaxing appeal, the calmness and soothing sense of the sea are all included. Beachside resort design or style would include very light, airy colour palettes with cool neutral hues inspired by the water, the sun and the coast. Motifs such as blue and white striped, wavy patterns, nautical-inspired texture or decorations with large full-length windows are common features and fixtures of the beachside resort design. The furniture and walls are often in calm and inviting tones of white or beige, creating this ethereal feel and casting an immense sense of light as well as expanse space. The intention of all these is to replicate and recreate the relaxed and comfortable environment of a beachside resort within your landed property.


Hotels are usually a luxurious and relaxing resort – a retreat from reality that you have spent your hard-earned money on. Why not spend your money to recreate the haven in your very own home, an escape you are welcome to check-in every day, not just for a couple of days as vacation?

Another popular landed interior design in Singapore is the luxe hotel-esque design. Hotels usually create specially-designed areas for specific activities; the bed for sleeping, the comfortable seats for reading, the coffee bar or mini-fridge for F&B convenience, bath and closet for grooming. Lighting is everything when it comes to the hotel-esque interior landed design.

Aside from full-length, floor to ceiling windows that allows for natural lighting, lavish lighting would emphasise the hotel-esque look. Hotels are never dark or dreary, it is always well-lit with wall sconces, mood lighting, side lamps, ceiling lights and the occasional chandeliers. There are lighted mirror, a closet light that turns on automatically when the door is opened as well as a three-way switch control that is located bedside. Hotel-esque designs also usually use high-end quality materials such as marble and timber, creating a pristine and luxurious feel.

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