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4 Crucial Points to Know When you Find an Interior Designer

Choosing the best interior designer for your project brings you closer to a beautiful home. Here are some things to consider when you find an interior designer.
You’ve collected your keys, and now it’s time for you to transform, do a makeover or remodel your house to become the lovely home you’ve always wanted. You’ve pinned photos on Pinterest, done up a few mood boards on Qanvast and read various pages on Renonation and Renotalk to get some ideas and tips. The next step is to find an interior designer for your project. This is the key to ensure that your journey for a dream home sweet home comes to fruition and not end in a bitter taste. Here are some things to consider from your long list of potential interior designers hires before you sign on the dotted line.
When you Find an Interior Designer, Determine the Particular Style you are Looking for
The first thing you have got to do when you find an interior designer is to determine the particular style and the kind of look you envisioned for your ideal living space. These would play a crucial part in deciding which interior design firm is right to work with. Every interior designer has its signature or distinct style. Some interior designers may be better at some designs than others, and working with one that does not specialize in or has never done the type of design that you are looking for would mean you are taking a risk and might end up with a design that is not quite what you wanted. It is important to have some ideas and not be a blank slate when it comes to design ideas as this can make the designer’s job much easier. Interior Design of a living room in Singapore
Know Your Spending Power
Your budget or spending power would largely determine which materials you can choose, which furnishings you want and the extent of the renovation you can do. It would also determine which interior designers you can choose to work with. Having said that, the best interior designers are the ones who can work with all sizes of budgets, reasonable or extravagant, and still design and build your dream home to be a reality. Be sure to find out what is the payment scheme of the interior design company, whether it is staggered or progressive, and how it will be charging for the renovation work done. Interior Design of the entire house
Look at the Design Portfolio of the Interior Designer That you Have Selected
Another thing to look out for when you find an interior designer is to view their design portfolio and how it closely matches the style you want. A portfolio is a professional visual representation of the designer’s creativity in designing a liveable space and at the same time, their ability to match the client’s request and expectations. The one handling your project should understand the entire renovation process, from the electrical wiring aspect to the hacking and not solely on the design aesthetics. Your interior designer should also be able to come up with a detailed albeit projected timeline. Delays and issues can crop up due to unforeseen circumstances. However, a reputable interior designer will be more than capable of providing a realistic timeline and adhering strictly to it, regardless of what is being thrown into the mix.
When you Find an Interior Designer, Make Sure That They Can Answer Questions That You Ask
A professional interior designer is empathetic to the clients’ needs and knowledgeable about the industry. This means that they will be able to answer the questions that you will ask. Of course, you will have to ask specific questions to filter and find a suitable interior designer who can deliver your dream design for your lovely abode. Here are some recommended questions that you may ask:
  1. Can you Show or Provide me With Some examples of the Works you Have Completed That is Similar to the Style, Living Space, and Budget?

    Ask for a photo to find out if your preferred renovation company is able to deliver your choice of interior design theme and most importantly, keep it within the budget you have set.
  2. Can we go on-site to an Actual, Completed Client’s Place or Have a List of Client References?

    If you are able to visit the completed project, you will be able to inspect and take a look at the quality of workmanship from your pair of eyes. It is also an opportunity to assess if the interior designer cultivates and maintains a good relationship with their past clients, even after the renovation project is successful and completed.
  3. Do you Understand the Function and Purpose of Each Space That is to be Renovated?

    The needs and functions of the kitchen or dining area differ from the bedroom as well as the living room. The tiles and furniture for the kitchen tend to lean on the heavy-duty side. The living room is a place for recreational activities and relaxing while the bedroom is a place to unwind, so it has got to be comfortable and welcoming. Your house’s interior design should fulfill the function and purpose.
  4. What Happens if Your Team Causes the Delay?

    If there is a delay in completing the renovation project, how would the interior designer compensate you?
  5. How Often Would you Update us on the Status of the Renovation Project?

    You can request to get timely project status update depending on the extent of the home renovation and the agreed timeline as well as the deadline. If the renovation is of a bigger scale and under a tight or strict deadline, you can expect a higher frequency of updates.
We hope that this article has been useful in pointing out crucial pointers in finding an interior designer best suited to your needs. Here in MOSH Interior, we are dedicated to delivering the best home interior design services for our clients. Whether it is your residential unit or commercial space, you can be sure to benefit from our superb service quality. For more enquiries on our interior design services, do feel free to contact us.

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