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Should A Swimming Pool Be Used As A Luxury Interior Design?

People wish for a luxury interior design, and a pool serves as the most probable option, especially in a tropical country like Singapore.

Terrace house or Bungalow owners always aspires to have a personal pool built in their land for their own usage as this is a great sign of prestige and can greatly increase the value of their property. Properly designed landed properties with a swimming pool can make their home have an additional fun activity.

Although landed house owners may have reservations about using the spaces in their terrace houses for these luxury, but with the right interior design services, they can do away with the fears they have.

MOSH Interior will share the practicality and tips of having a swimming pool in your bungalow estate.


    It doesn’t matter whether you live in a cool or warm climate; you can enjoy your swimming pool every day. This is because the weather can not place restrictions on the use of your pool. In warm weather, jump in and enjoy the water! In cooler temperature (year-end Singapore), play around with your children in the float or put in toys that can float. This lifestyle is definitely desirable amongst the high net-worth customers in Singapore.

    • PROS

      Adults and children can benefit from the exercise that swimming pool gives. You don’t have to exert too much exercise for your body to get the benefits of it. Everybody likes to play and relax around a pool, and this is not restricted to children alone. If you own your own pool, you can easily organize mid-year (June) pool parties or enjoy a night swim.

    • CONS

      For those that have children, swimming pools can be something that can expose children to danger, especially if they are unable to swim. If you have the desire to get a swimming pool in your landed house, then you should take into consideration the need to install proper safety features such as floats beside your pool.

  2. COST

    Swimming pools are relatively expensive and is not for every landed property owner. Installing one in your terraced house or bungalow will cost a lot more than buying a house with a pre-installed pool because of the interior design services. This of course also depends on the age of the home, the age of the pool and the valuation of the property.

    • PROS

      Currently, construction companies in Singapore charges very competitively when it comes to the installation of your swimming pool. The prices have stagnated due to the various government measures that the government has put in to prevent the property bubble from bursting. This means that your house will have a higher resale appeal when its completed in due time. Home buyers will definitely be attracted to your house as compared to those that have no pool.

    • CONS

      After you’ve built your swimming pool, you need to engage professional swimming pool contractors to clean and maintain your pool every week. Their cleaning not only includes the removal of leaves and debris, but also the periodic cleaning of pool to prevent mosquitos breeding, fungae and other parasites.


    You need time, chemicals, and adequate knowledge of a pool to maintain the swimming pool.

    • PROS

      Having a pool means using pool maintenance to keep your pool intact. Make proper research before committing to a home that doesn’t have a history of proper pool maintenance. You can use the services of professional pool maintenance companies if you feel the responsibility is too much for you.

    • CONS

      Health and safety issues may come up if you neglect your pool. You can keep the PH level of the water with adequate chemicals. When it is not applied well, swimmers can contract illnesses, or there will be the formation of algae and other microorganisms in the pool. MOSH Interior can recommend you 1 of our reliable partners when it comes to the maintenance of your swimming pool.

If you desire to have a swimming pool in your own bungalow or terrace house, we’re here to help! You can contact us by calling 6246 6614 or email us at moc.r1716490840oiret1716490840nihso1716490840m@ofn1716490840i1716490840. You can also reach us via the green Whatsapp Enquiry button(at bottom left corner of the screen).

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