Best Condo Interior Design Ideas in Singapore

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Executive condominium is a unique combination of public and private housing. This private condominium within a gated community was first introduced in Singapore in 1999. The specifics and the nature of the available space of these executive condominiums make several interior design Singapore ideas much better than others. If you are considering to purchase an executive condominium or you already have one, you might be looking for ways to improve the Singapore condominium interior design.

Here is a list of the best condo interior design in Singapore


Professional condo interior design in Singapore would recommend that executive condo homeowners avoid darker shades like black or gunpowder grey. While these colours can create a stunning, high end interior design in Singapore, these colours can also make the living space of your executive condo look smaller and cramped. Lighter shades, natural tones and pastel colours like yellow, beige and white could significantly increase the overall brightness of the room and perception that the entire space is bigger. The timeless appeal of neutral and pastel colours are also a sort of long-term investment for your condomiminium interior design in Singapore. The simple introduction of a stunning piece of furniture or an art decor against the subdued nature and classic beauty of the wall colours could provide the major makeover in the appearance or outlook of your entire apartment.

If homeowners want their home to look luxurious or posh, the high end interior design in Singapore is the theme that they should incorporate in their style. Although the sense of luxury living is not determined by the amount of money you spend on renovation and furnishings, the higher the budget you have, the more exclusive your abode would be. The aesthetic appeal of each furniture or decor piece will contribute to the overall aspect of the condo. Shiny surfaces and dark furnishings are the perfect combinations that exudes a sense of luxury. Polished wood, marble and glass would create the sense of the grandeur of the Singapore high end interior design theme.

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Flooring can also play a pivotal step in your condo interior design in Singapore. As it is one of the most prominent characteristics of executive condominiums, the style of your flooring should definitely be given extra attention. A Singapore condominium interior design company will be aware of the regulations and will be able to advise you on the best flooring that is in-lined with the feel you want to achieve, without violating any rules or stepping out of line.

To create the home you have always dreamed about and envisioned for requires you to choose the right Singapore interior design company that has the ability to create your perfect home for you, meeting all the legal requirements. This should be the first and top priority to seek when you have decided on the ideas about the renovation theme and styles of your executive condominium.