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5 Tips for Your Condominium Interior Design

It is necessary to know about Condominium interior design, especially when you live in Singapore.

This is because it costs a lot to purchase or rent a house in Singapore. This is due to the rising cost of real estate. The price of housing properties is high, which leads to a corresponding increase in rent.

People are desiring condominium interior design service because a well-designed/renovated condominium will increase the value of your home substantially! Another reason is that condos are usually available in comfortable sizes. With the right size, we, as the Interior Designers, can also have the luxury of space to design the right home living style for you. Condominiums (especially the new developments) also do not lack modern fittings (comes with the developer) and other luxury amenities, and this contributes to making life sound, safe, convenient without compromising on luxury.

Most of our customers own their own condominium and they approach us to elevate their home living to the next level. We also come across customers who are renting a condominium for the long-term (more than 2 years usually) and they also approach us to do extensive renovation so that they can live comfortably and in good style.

A condo interior design lets you design the inside of your condo to make it attractive and to suit your living. Condo interior design costs depend on the design methodology used and the furniture and fittings. This is why your condo interior design should be handled by an experienced condominium interior design service. MOSH Interior handles premium high-end luxurious condominium ID work, and we are a reputable interior design company in Singapore.

Before you use the services of an interior design company in Singapore, there are some tips you should know:

1. Maximize Your Space

All condominium units have a fixed floor plan. The condo interior design has to maximize your living spaces properly because apart from the bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, the remaining space has to be carefully utilized for things to fit and to be used comfortably!

2. Use Multipurpose furniture

Make sure your furniture is reduced. You do not need to buy irrelevant furniture for everything at all. Rather than that, you can go ahead and purchase multipurpose furniture that can be used to serve more than one cause. When you do this, your furniture will be on a low, and you’ll end up having more space in your condo. For example, dining tables that can be expanded to include more diners; or perhaps a built-in ironing board hidden within the wardrobes. Let us share some of our past creations with you.

3. Turn your bland condo into a stylish house

Everyone wants their apartment to be stylish. Whether they live in a condominium or landed property. For your condo interior design, you can use your imagination to create themes by using a mix of wallpapers and much other beautiful stuff. If you like, you can choose to design it with classical, modern, or any other theme you want.  Not sure what you like or how to go about doing it? Here is where we can come in to help you!

4. Make use of mirrors and glasses

A condominium is naturally much smaller than a typical landed property (bungalow or terrace house), and this means that if enough light doesn’t get in, the design will look dark and gloomy. This should prompt you to use more glasses and mirrors for your condominium interior design. When the glasses reflect light, your condo will become well lit inside, and the reflection would cause an optical illusion that will create make-believe extra size in the condo. If you want to make the lighting better, you can use glossy white tiles on the floor of your condo as it gives better reflective quality. 

5. Listen to an Expert

Before you engage in a condominium interior design service, make sure you are dealing with expert advice. Everyday new material is being invented, and the only way that you can get the best knowledge on making your condo look good is by speaking with an experienced interior decoration expert. The designer will help you plan and also give you food for thought that will work well with your budget plan. You can get a reliable interior design company in Singapore by calling us at Tel: 6246 6614 or Email: moc.r1713452377oiret1713452377nihso1713452377m@ofn1713452377i1713452377.

Make sure you use these tips listed above to guide you as you carry out your condo interior design.

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