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3 Tips To Create More Space At Your Landed House and High-End Interior Design

Are you looking for tips on how to achieve high-end interior design at your landed house? If you are, then these tips are for you. No doubt, there is a plethora of Interior designs for terrace houses, semi-detached houses or bungalow houses out there.

While some are a bit on the high side, others are very easy to achieve. But then again, any investment you make on your home would have positive implications on the resale value of your home – should you want to sell. This is especially true in Singapore, where its commonly known that a well-designed house can easily add a few hundred thousand to the resale value!

The following tips will help you create more space in your high end landed property without stressing your budget. If your quest for a high-end interior design led you here, with these tips, you would be able to create luxurious interior designs at your landed house. Sounds interesting? Let’s hop into it.

How to create more usable space in high-end interior design for terrace house?
Use awnings to create space for your home’s luxury outdoor design
refurbished living roomSource: Mosh Interior

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to create more space at your landed house is to use awnings for your high-end interior design as well as your outdoor designs. As it turns out, awnings are becoming more and more popular in most of the luxury interior designs of today’s world. Awnings are not only great for providing shade for your home, but they are also great for creating extra usable space in your home. In the event that you are looking for how to create more space in your high-end interior design for terrace house, you can install an awning as a roof for your terrace. The vast majority of awnings that are available in the market today are sold with retractable mechanisms. Which makes them perfect for tech-driven homes with high-end interior designs. In fact, over at MOSH Interior, we’ve incorporated Artificial-Intelligence (AI) driven technology into awning for our customers. You can easily retract or extend your awning, using your mobile app without even being present at home! Let us share some of our portfolio with you when we meet up with you!

Create more space in your home’s luxury interior design
beautiful living roomSource: Mosh Interior

Once a gardening accessory, trellises are now becoming an integral part of most homes in our modern day society. Truth be told, the main reason why trellises are popular in most landed houses in today’s world, is because they keep the peeping neighbours away. However, they are also useful when it comes to creating more space for your outdoors and your high-end interior design. Also, trellises are stylish, and they usually come with integrated planting space. Which makes trellises the perfect space-maximization choice for your luxury interior design Singapore . You can plant crawling plants in the integrated storage for the beautification of your space even as you use the trellis to create more usable space in your home. When installing the trellis as part of the interior design for terrace house, you can choose a trellis that goes with the overall design of your landed house. This is in light of the fact that trellises come in a wide array of colors. There are also some of our past projects where we used vertical plants/trees as an interior design feature for the outdoor gardens/front. The possibilities are indeed endless and we look forward to have a no-obligation discussion on your landed property interior design.

Use Invisible Grille to create more space in your balcony
balcony view
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Over the past 10 years, we’ve designed and installed countless Invisible Grille for our clients. These grilles are not only for your basic window, they can also be used in balcony and roof terraces, depending on your design requirements and budget. Most importantly, these Invisible Grille create more usable space outdoors! You can now be assured that the rooftop, balcony or other spaces are now child-friendly because of the installation of these grilles.

In fact, with the rise of technology, the Invisible Grilles nowadays, can also be spread wide-open, thus giving you the option to have a wider-view of your scenery. This works exceptionally well if you are staying in the pent-house or the top floors of a condominium

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