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Top 5 Interior Design Trends in 2020

Interior design is an extension of its owner's personality. Over the years, there have been a number of inspirational designs that have shaped the modern minimalist-driven style.

2020 brings yet another wave of fascinating changes that pave the way for neater and sleek-looking spaces. We’ll visit five of the most popular interior design trends that are bound to redefine your spaces to leave a great impression.

#1 Hygge – Warmth, Cosiness, and Happiness

hygge interior design

The Danish-inspired style continues to be a hot favorite among interior design trends. Pronounced hoo-gah, the style brings about a cozy and comfortable environment. The effects of hygge may reduce stress at the workplace and increase mindfulness that improves performance.

Hygge avoids bright colours and clutter. The style is centered on creating a serene space where you’re able to focus on your thoughts and relaxation with minimal distractions. White, brown and black are often the only hues involved in a hygge setting to keep things simple. Natural materials such as wood, wool, and leather are common fixtures that are chosen for their warm and inviting appearance. Hygge at the workplace is all about integrating a touch of home and replacing uncomfortable furniture with personalized and ergonomic options. For example, hard plastic swivel chairs may be swapped out for cozy cushioned alternatives.

A layered rug or couch at the workplace will make a true hygge statement. These may be paired with blankets and cushions to add depth to your design. Hygge may seem unsuitable under Singapore’s humid weather, yet, most indoor environments are air-conditioned and ideal for the style.

Ultimately, hygge is all about creating the perfect environment that is cozy, inspiring and reminds you of home.

#2 Curved Features – Easier on the Eyes and Spaces

Curved features interior design


Curves are replacing sharp edges as the preferred choice. Curved features are seen in many facets of interior design, ranging from tabletops, counters and wall arches. In a home setting, curved furniture may serve as an extra safety measure, especially in households with young children or elderly members. Curved furniture can also break the monotony of traditional oblong pieces, which adds depth to your overall interior design.

Additionally, curved designs are generally more pleasing to the eye compared to sharp corners as they look smooth and soft. Curved arches provide a seamless transition between rooms that add to a warm and cozy appearance. Curved designs can help maximize space use and reach out to draw visitors in with their smooth extended arcs.

#3 Sustainable Materials – Conserving the Planet

sustainable materials interior design

Consumers are becoming more environmentally- conscious these days with personalities such as Greta Thunberg spreading the word on climate change. The preference for sustainable materials is inevitably seen in recent interior design trends.

Eco-friendly designs can also contribute to corporate responsibility at the workplace. LED lighting/eco-friendly light bulbs can provide the same illumination as regular models sans negative environmental impacts. Bamboo fixtures for flooring and wall panels are excellent options as the wood grows fast and are bamboo forests are quickly renewed. Additionally, bamboo is durable and affordable, so they’re definitely worth every dollar.

Choose non-toxic paint options that are free from VOCs (substances that are harmful to health and the environment). An organic themed space is a refreshing and healthy escape away from the urban landscape.

#4 Concealed Entrances – Chronicles of a Modern Home

concealed entrance interior design


Concealed entrances are becoming quite popular, which follows minimalist concepts that keep interior design features out of sight. This results in a sleek and seamless layout that is easier on the eyes. Concealed entrances are usually found in the most unlikely places – along with wall panels, shelves, and wardrobes.

Your designs will be flawlessly organized with the inclusion of strategically concealed entrances.

#5 Semi-Open Kitchens – Style Meets Hygiene

semi open kitchen interior design


Open kitchens have been trending in recent years as they’re combined with dining areas to create an inviting space for family gatherings. Unfortunately, such settings have caused some inconvenience through poorly managed ventilation (this is worsened under air-conditioned environments).

This can be fixed with the implementation of sliding glass panels/doors that will keep fumes out while retaining the idea of an open concept. Kitchens with open concepts blend effectively with surrounding areas (living and dining rooms), which result in a seamless and more spacious appearance for your home.

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