Renovation Tips for Condo Interior Design Singapore

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Alongside cash, car, credit card and country club membership, the condominium is one of the five Cs of the Singaporean Dream. And when you can afford your dream property, some homeowners prefer not to stick to the default interior design. Homeowners definitely want to dapper it up and make it look as impressive and avant-garde as possible, employing interior designers and contractors to transform their living spaces from shoebox to showroom. Here are some condo interior design Singapore renovation tips for you to heed before you find inspiration and take the first step to create your dream home.

Due to the limited space and governing condo rules, condominium interior design in Singapore presents a different, more complicated challenge to interior designs altogether. Condo homeowners should fully understand the entire process or the size of the project that they are committing to, whether or not it is a great idea that would add value to their property and most importantly, it is within their budget.

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Condo Interior Design Singapore Plan

While it is ideal for homeowners to budget wisely, it is also better for homeowners to allocate an additional five to ten per cent revenue to the interior design’s original estimate or quotation. Renovation projects will almost always encounter hidden problems that need to be addressed immediately. The extra allocated amount could act as a safety net for the unexpected expenses, a contingency plan when the renovation fees get out of control or a bumper if and when you feel like making changes to your original condo interior design Singapore plan.

If your condominium is an investment project that you plan to sell or rent out in the future, it will make more financial sense if homeowners go for a contemporary condominium interior design Singapore so that future buyers or tenants have room to personalise it to their liking. The clean lines that are congenial to the contemporary look give your space a modern and voguish vibe.

Prior to the makeover of your grand residence, homeowners have to seek the necessary permits and carefully review the association documents as each condominium has its own set of renovation rules and regulations. Homeowners need to be aware and understand that there might be restrictions on what you can and cannot do that might hinder your condo renovation plans.

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Homeowners should also find and hire an Singapore interior design firm that is accredited, credible and has had years of renovation experience under their belt in condominium interior design Singapore. Dependable and reliable interior design Singapore would also help to guide homeowners to check if there are any defects to their condominium, whether it is resale or a new condo. As a gesture of goodwill and a matter of courtesy, homeowners should also at least inform the neighbours about the upcoming renovation.

Keep a record of the renovation timeline. Track the renovation progress of your condo interior design Singapore to see if things are done up to the proposed schedule, earlier than expected or delayed. Most importantly, homeowners should not rush or be hasty with decisions. Take your time to think the decisions over as you want to live in your dream home, not settle in a living space.