Landed Property Interior Design

As professional residential home interior designers, MOSH Interior aims to create a refined and sophisticated home spaces that reflect our client’s personality. Our landed property interior design works in Singapore are carefully thought-out and well-structured.

We approach our work in a meticulous manner, clients can be assured that the quality of the completed interior design and renovation project will be nothing less than the best.

Leading Landed Property Interior Design Company In Singapore

Bespoke Landed Home Interior Design

Landed property interior design in Singapore requires a whole different approach compared to condominiums or HDBs. With more space to work with, it enables us to create bespoke interior design solutions that is unique to the blueprint of different landed properties such as bungalows, terrace and private houses.

Client-Focused Design Solutions

When working on landed house renovation projects in Singapore, the primary focus lies on the owner’s lifestyle. To achieve that, we have to take serious consideration of their preferences, styles, attitudes, and perceptions to design a limitless space that will match with the owner’s needs and wants. With boundless spaces to work with, we have the flexibility to work with a blueprint that is out-of-the-box and be able to create unique home interior spaces. So let your imagination run wild with your preferred budget, while keeping your budget in check.

Our Process

The Methodical Approach To Interior Design

Interior Design Process